Custom Highlights


Highlights come in various categories and can be done in natural or unnatural colors. Consultation is key when it comes to any color service. Highlights are an artistic outward expression of both your colorist and your personality.  There are many approaches and techniques when it comes to highlights. Rest assured that your Got Hair colorist has been trained and well versed in all of them. Leave it to us to decide what technique will best suit your desired result. At Got Hair, we don’t like to limit our guests, so we will even combine multiple techniques on one head if that is what is required to achieve the end result. We believe that customizing both formulations and techniques is what makes us unique, and we want you to feel that the end result is the color you should have been born with.

Highlights are also utilized to accentuate a haircut and style. Let your Got Hair color professional guide you through the process of customizing both a cut and color that is flattering and suitable for your unique personality and lifestyle.

Express yourself with highlights. Gone are the days for “basic” highlights, who wants to be basic anyway? The possibilities are endless when it comes to highlight placement and formulation. Remember consultation is key to getting what you want, so do some homework and bring in pictures. This will ensure that we are all on the same page and deliver the best results possible.